horse width nose net

the original german nose net for horses agaist head shaking

horse width nose net
horse width nose net

The solution…
The nose net!

… and you will immediately enjoy riding through fields and forests …

The Original German Nose Net for horses with headshaking syndrome

This is the original german nose net which has been developed by myself. It helped thousands of horses with headshaking syndrome all over the world.

For horses with true headshaking syndrome there is a 100% success rate in abolishing the symptoms. It is also useful for horses which are sensitive to pollen or insects.

Symptoms for headshaking may include::

  • rigorous head shaking
  • sudden up and down movements of the head
  • "nodding" movements towards the chest
  • Rubbbing on the front legs
  • Nervousness, jumpiness
  • Rubbing of the head on the ground

The proven design is different to other available products that only loosely cover the horse's nose (see description below). Based on our observation that headshaking occurs in horses plagued by itching in the nose we designed the nose net to minimize that sensation. The net is tightly secured around the horse's nose by tying it to the snaffle. Other products that loosely cover the nose rarely bring relief.

This nose net provides immediate relief from headshaking. The net is permeable and breathing is not impaired.
The nose net is available in three sizes. Please indicate what size you need after the auction has closed:

  • Large (i.e. big horse)
  • Medium (i.e. quarter horse, arabic, thoroughbred)
  • Small (i.e. pony)

In the unlikely case you are not satisfied with the product we offer a full refund. Please check our feedback for customer reviews.

Satisfied users' quotations:

  • worked at once, like switching off a light bulb!
  • rescue from the slaughter!
  • I wanted to thank you again for inventing this net…
  • on my fatso, it worked super, since he wears it, he´s the best horse in the world again!
  • I'm really satisfied and enjoy again riding my horse…
  • I had no great hope that the net works, but I was positively surprised - the money was worth to be payed!

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The product costs 25 euro incl. shipping costs and VAT each.

Payment by PayPal or by bank transfer is possible. Further information will be available after your order.

On receipt of the entire amount the articles will be sent immediately.

If the net does not help, it can be returned after consultation. Of course, it can also be exchanged for another size.
Please send an e-mail to

Claudia Tischer
Lanze Nr. 27
29491 Prezelle
Tel.: +49 58 48 - 619

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The price for Europe (except UK) is 18 euro per nose-net, for GB and non-European foreign countries 25,- Euro including shipping. We exchange the net to a different size, if it doesn't fit. We take back the net and refund the money if it doesn't help.

You may pay by Paypal or bank transfer.

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